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Could you use some career coaching?

Who am I looking for?

I tend to work with frustrated creatives and people in mid-life who are looking for more meaning from their work. You might be toying with going freelance or setting up your own business. You could even be thinking about a portfolio career. Alternatively, you may be at a crossroads — with a decision to make about whether to keep climbing the ladder or to take a leap into something new.

What's in it for you?

Our work together will enable you to think clearly about where you want to be. You’ll have the space to explore your options and figure out what really matters to you. There’s a strong chance you’ll unearth some valuable insights about yourself.

The sessions will also encourage you to take action — at a pace that’s right for you. After working out exactly what you need to do to move forward, you’ll create a realistic plan and define some doable first steps. You’ll also have the time to focus on overcoming any fears, doubts and insecurities that might stand in your way. Imposter Syndrome. Procrastination. Perfectionism. These are just a few of the usual suspects.

Why I'm the right coach for you

Previous clients have praised my warmth, humour, genuine curiosity and ability to ask thought-provoking questions. But perhaps most importantly of all, I've been where you are now. A number of times in my life I've been at a crossroads and have taken a brave step.

In my early 30s, I faced my biggest fear and took to the stand up comedy stage. In a year of 25 gigs, I reached the semi-final of Channel 4’s ‘So You Think You’re Funny’ and performed at the Edinburgh Festival. I didn’t give up my day job!

In my late 30s, I took a couple of years out to be at stay at home dad and study for an MSc Psychology. This wasn’t really all that brave. Although, looking after a toddler was way harder than going to work every day.

In my 40s, I set up my own business and portfolio career. I love the freedom and autonomy it provides but also understand what I’ve had to sacrifice to make a successful transition from a full-time creative leadership role.

What Lucy had to say

Over the last six months I've coached senior leaders, account directors, HR managers, writers and designers. Here's what Lucy, a senior copywriter, had to say:

Having Andy there to coach me through quite a transitional stage in my professional life has been a brilliant experience.  

As someone with a head that’s constantly bubbling with thoughts, ideas (and yes, maybe the odd anxiety here and there) having access to a sounding board that is both experienced and impartial is really valuable. ​ 

While unpacking everything sometimes felt a bit like the Mary Poppins bag trick, Andy patiently listened, helping to bring structure and sense to it all. As a result, I find myself with more confidence and direction in my career – two things every creative longs for.

What next?

If you’re going through your own career transition, let me know if I can help. To set up a free introductory chat, email: 

Alternatively, you can find out more at