• Coaching that helps you live a fuller, more authentic life

    Moody. Miserable. Melancholy. Mediocre. There are lots of words beginning with M that might describe how you're feeling right now. But perhaps the simplest is meh. Everything just feels a bit meh.


    Of course, there's no REAL reason for this. On paper, you're one of the lucky ones. You're a skilled professional. You live in a nice place. You have friends, family, all that good stuff. And yet you can't escape the sense that something's missing. In the back of your mind, there’s always a feeling of lack.


    You're a talented over-thinker and now your analytical brain is on steroids, desperately searching for an answer. This might be showing up in an endless quest for self improvement - and possibly the desire to discover THE meaning of your life. Deep down, there's also part of you that knows you'd be fine if only you could get out of your own way. But you have no idea how to do this.


    From the outside, most people wouldn't have a clue that any of this is going on. Your cover story as a successful person is still holding firm most of the time. But inside, it's a different reality.

  • So what's the answer?


    Hello, I'm Andrew. And, believe me, I've been there.


    A few years ago, I was a successful advertising creative but on the inside it was all meh. And I had no idea what to do about it.


    Eventually, I found a coach, learned a lot about myself, and discovered a more purposeful and authentic story.


    I'd love to help you do the same.

  • My coaching is for you if...

    You're bright, kind and curious

    You’re good at what you do, but pay a price mentally and physically

    You tell yourself stories that hold you back

    You've lost your sense of fun, your mojo

    You're keen to do something that's in tune with your values

    You want to take your work to the next level or reimagine it entirely

  • Success Stories

    Seb Weston

    Strategy Director


    "I'd recommend Andrew's coaching to anyone who feels like they're at a bit of a crossroads or is questioning whether they're on the right path. I don't yet have 'the answer' in terms of where I'm ultimately heading, but having worked with him, I feel much better equipped to find it!"

    Kenny Fox

    Research Director

    at davies+mckerr

    "Six months ago, my mind felt like a runaway train when it came to work. Fast. Out of control. Heading for a crash. Andrew has been invaluable in putting me back in the driving seat.


    If you want greater self-compassion, confidence and clarity about where you are heading and how to get there, work with Andrew.”

    Chloe Fowler

    Founder at

    The Nest Research

    "I started working with Andrew as I made the decision to step down from owning a successful research agency and go it alone. I felt sure I was making the right decision, but that was pretty much all I knew. My 8 sessions with Andrew were so helpful. His style shifted to suit my needs – from coach, to mentor, to creative collaborator, to cheerleader, to kind critic. I've gone from being clueless to having a brand, a vision, a website, a strategy. Ultimately, he's helped with the thing I needed to discover the most – my story."



    Antony Mason

    Technical Operations Lead, GE Healthcare

    "In a year of massive change for me personally and the business as a whole, coaching with Andrew helped keep me sane. He supported me, challenged my mindset, and helped me develop clear insight into what I should and could be doing."





  • What you can expect

    How my coaching works


    A confidant

    I'll be a generous listener, encouraging you to share honestly and reflecting back what I'm hearing in a way that allows you to see things differently. This is a space in your busy life to hear yourself think and consider fresh possibilities. Just having someone to talk to who doesn't immediately try to fix your problems can be a huge relief.


    A cheerleader

    Of course, you can rely on me to be in your corner. I'll believe in your potential and innate self-worth every step of the way. However, don't expect me to dole out non-specific encouragement like "You can do it!" It's not helpful. Instead, we'll look at how you self-sabotage and focus on overcoming it. In many ways, this is about helping you become your own best friend - your own cheerleader.


    A compassionate truth-teller

    Coaching is valuable because humans find it really difficult to change on their own. We become masters at rationalising our actions, ignoring our emotions, and finding what confirms our beliefs. Within the context of our trusting relationship, I'll feedback on things that will challenge how you habitually think and act. This can be really useful in helping you see blind spots and learn more about unhelpful behaviours. It's often the first step to meaningful change.


    A creative thinking partner

    Ultimately, this is not a game of coach and client. It's about two intelligent people having an honest conversation. A collaboration of equals. As your thinking partner, my main strength is being able to help you see beyond the blinkers of your own mind. From this new perspective, you'll have more freedom to discover fresh solutions, do things you've been avoiding, and create a more fulfilling life.

  • My credentials

    A quick summary

    ICF-accredited Business and Personal Coach. Trained with Barefoot Coaching.

    15 Years' Experience as an Advertising Copywriter and Creative Leader (Employer Branding & Marketing)

    MSc Psychology (Distinction)

    Successful Business Owner

    Semi-finalist: Channel 4's 'So You Think You're Funny' Stand Up Comedy Competition

    Harvard University: Screenwriting

  • You've piqued my interest? What's next?

    For anyone who's interested, I block out at least an hour for a free, in-depth discovery conversation.


    You'll have time to tell me about your situation and what you'd love to create in your life. Crucially, you'll also experience my coaching. For me, it's about seeing whether I think I'm the best person to help you.


    To arrange an introductory call, please email me at: andrew@andrewsewell.com


    All the best,



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