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    Working mostly with clients in the creative industries, I provide leadership, career and creative coaching. Over the last few months, I've helped a manager find her writing voice, a senior leader decide on his next career step, and a copywriter develop her new freelance business. Get in touch and we'll discuss how I could best support you.



    With a background as an ad copywriter and experience as a stand up comedian, I'm well placed to run a session that's useful and fun. Right now, I'm developing and delivering 'How To Present Creative Work' - a new product that combines a workshop and 1-to-1 Skype coaching. In the past, I've run creative sessions for all kinds of organisations: FTSE 100 businesses, universities, charities - you name it.


    I still work as a freelance copywriter for agencies and directly for clients. I specialise in employer branding, employee engagement and internal communications. In my last full-time role as Head Writer with Havas People, I played a leading role in winning the industry's 'Work of the Year' award for our prison officer recruitment campaign.

  • Recent Projects

    Things I've been doing in the past few months:

    Business & Personal Coach

    barefoot coaching

    By graduating from the highly reputable Barefoot course, I added some coaching credentials to my MSc Psychology.

    Creative Consultant


    Ran a workshop with WaterAid to develop a central creative proposition for this year's fundraising and engagement campaigns.

    Writer & Speaker

    Man of ideas LTD

    This is a work in progress. It's going to be a talk and a series of workshops. The second test flight will be in March. See blog for details.

  • Testimonials

    What clients say

    Tamsin Maunder

    Head of Brand and Creative at WaterAid

    "Andrew has done a great job of leading our creative workshops: bringing an ad agency background into the NGO world helps to focus ideas into making an impact in the wider world. He takes a fresh approach and really focuses on the end result. A pleasure to work with and would happily recommend him."


    Development Manager


    "Andrew brought warmth, humour and a genuine curiosity to our coaching sessions, all of which helped me get to a new place of insight and understanding that I will take with me into the next stage of my career.'

    Josh Lee

    Assistant Commissioning Editor at The Guardian

    "Hey Andrew, I was chatting with another journalist about how we both got started in our careers, and it brought up so many memories of you coaching me at Havas all those years ago! So I just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you for your invaluable help. It really set me up for everything I am up to now.'

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    Instagram. Snapchat. Snail mail. Carrier pigeon. As humans, we're certainly not short of ways to connect. But let's not overcomplicate things here. Email is probably the quickest and easiest way to reach me. Although, if a pigeon lands on my windowsill with an offer of work, you'll certainly have my utmost respect.



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