• Andrew Sewell

    Coach, facilitator, writer

    Hi, I'm Andrew.
    I'm an experienced leadership, business and life coach.
    I'm also a writer. My work has been featured in The Guardian. I'm currently writing a book: 'The Overthinker's Guide to Life'.
    And I'm the founder of Overthinkers Anonymous: Peace of mind for busy minds.
    My weekly email, Think Less Thursday, is full of insights, inspiration and practical tips.
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  • Credentials

    ICF-accredited Business and Personal Coach

    Leadership Coach & Facilitator with Awakened Executives

    MSc Psychology (Distinction)

    15 Years' Experience as an Advertising Copywriter and Creative Leader

    Successful Business Owner

    Semi-finalist: Channel 4's 'So You Think You're Funny' Stand Up Comedy Competition

  • Success Stories

    Antony Mason

    Technical Operations Leader at GE Healthcare

    "In a year of massive change for me personally and the business as a whole, coaching with Andrew helped keep me sane.


    He supported me, challenged my mindset, and helped me develop clear insight into what I should and could be doing."

    Kenny Fox

    Research Director at davies+mckerr

    "Six months ago, my mind felt like a runaway train when it came to work. Fast. Out of control. Heading for a crash. Andrew has been invaluable in putting me back in the driving seat.


    If you want greater self-compassion, confidence and clarity about where you are heading and how to get there, work with Andrew.”

    Chloe Fowler

    Founder at The Nest Research

    "I started working with Andrew as I made the decision to step down from owning a successful research agency and go it alone.


    My 8 sessions with Andrew were so helpful. His style shifted to suit my needs – from coach, to mentor, to creative collaborator, to cheerleader, to kind critic. I've gone from being clueless to having a brand, a vision, a website, a strategy. Ultimately, he's helped with the thing I needed to discover the most – my story."



    Russ Hodgson

    Creative Director at Point 6 Design

    "Our team of designers and writers got a lot out of Andrew's workshop and coaching. They came away with increased confidence, some great insights, and bespoke feedback on their presentation skills.


    Andrew really strives to make everything he does both entertaining and useful. The fact that he has an ad agency background makes him ideal for this kind of work, plus his past experience as a stand up comedian was an unexpected bonus – he definitely knows how to read an audience!"





  • Book an intro call

    If you're interested in coaching, the first thing to do is arrange a free, 50-minute strategy call. This gives you the chance to see if I'm the right coach for you. If I'm not, that's no problem at all.


    Email me to start a conversation and find more clarity, confidence, and peace of mind.


  • A Day in the Life

    Life Transformation inspired by The Beatles

  • "Lennon was the soul of the Beatles, Harrison was the spirit, 

    Paul was the heart, and Ringo was the drummer." 

    (George Martin)




    I love this joke.


    Obviously, because it’s funny.


    But, also because it’s a great way to think about how to create your best life.


    Reframe Ringo’s contribution a bit, and you’ve got yourself an invaluable set of daily practices.


    Let’s call them your Fab Four Commitments.



    ❤️ To your heart


    This is about emotional intelligence. Self-awareness. Empathy. Connecting human to human. Say ‘PS, I Love you’ to someone close to you today.


    🔥 To your soul


    Speak your truth. Stand up for a cause you believe in. It’s everything from writing to your local MP to small acts of kindness. Every little thing you do counts.


    🙏 To your spirit


    See you're connected to everyone and everything around you. Talk a walk in the park and learn from the trees how to slow down and let it be. Wake up on a spring morning, singing ‘Here comes the sun’☀️


    🏃‍♂️ To your energy: 

    The drumbeat of your life. Look after yourself. Eat healthy. Get fit. Do things that energise you. Yesterday is gone. But today you can start something new. It’s often easier with a little help from your friends.


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    Start getting unstuck now


    Ask yourself these questions. Give yourself a rating out of 10 for each segment. Remember that while there's no such thing as a perfect life, there is such a thing as a rich, fulfilling, good enough life. That's what I'm here to help you create.

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    How did you do?

    • How do you feel about where your life is right now? 
    • Do feel satisfied in some areas, while others could definitely do with some work? 
    • Where are you most happy? 
    • Which areas could most use your attention?
    Flip through the slider for some tasty insights about each piece of the good life pie.

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    Play to Your Strengths

    When it comes to finding good enough work, the key is to play to your strengths. Find or craft a role that allows you to develop what you're already naturally good at. Don't spend years trying to be something you're not.

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    It's Your Manager, Stupid

    Find a manager who has your back and cares about you. All of the research suggests that this is one of the most influential factors in determining your happiness at work. It's way more important than things like the company's culture, or even in some cases, how much you're paid.

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    How Much is Enough?

    Beyond paying your bills, how much money do you need to live a fulfilling life? And how much of your time are you willing to trade to earn that level of income? Also, what's your relationship to money? All big, important questions that are worth reflecting on.

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    Find Your Flow

    Are you spending at least 20% of your working day in 'flow'? Flow happens when you're doing something you're interested in and good at. Time passes quickly. The task is in the sweet-spot between being too easy and too challenging. It's challenging 'enough'. You don't need to love all of your daily work. But you do need to love at least 20% of it to find it joyful. (See the book 'Love + Work').

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    Exercise, Diet, Sleep

    I don't need to tell you how important this stuff is. For me, meditation has been a game changer. On the downside, I'm still a bit of a sugar addict! This is MY next life change project.

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    Good Enough?

    In the 1950s, the psychotherapist Donald Winnicott came up with the idea of 'good enough' parenting. He said that to bring up happy, thriving kids, you don't need to be the perfect parent. You just need to be good enough. I love this concept, and could see how it applies to all relationships and, indeed, many other areas of life.

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    What's It All For?

    Having a sense of your values and the contribution you'd like to make in the world makes life much more doable. It gives you a compass - a 'why'. It's amazing how many people don't take the time to figure what really matters to them. It could be the most important work you ever do. 

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    Evolving as a Human

    In my mind, we're put on this Earth to learn. Your development doesn't end when you physically stop growing. It can continue throughout your adult life. One of the key development steps I help people with is from a comparison-driven 'socialised' mind to a 'self-authoring' mind. This is where you pick up the pen and decide for yourself what the next chapter in your life will be.

  • How we can work together

    Coaching, Workshops, Masterclasses, Speaking

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    Creating a foundation of Good Enough

    This is about seeing that it's possible to become the author of your own life and work. You'll start by seeing more clearly some of the conditioned 'not good enough' beliefs and fears that have been driving your behaviour so far. Then you'll step back and look at what you truly want and value. How would you like to show up in the world? What could your contribution be? What does living an authentic, good enough life look like for you? Available as one-to-one coaching.

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    Launch your Good Enough change project

    This programme will take you from sitting on your couch dreaming about creating a change to actually doing something about it. Based on the principles of Design Thinking, it's about harnessing the power of experiments, taking brave, small steps, and embracing a 'done is better than perfect' attitude. Ideal for career changes, business launches, finding your feet in a new role, lifestyle makeovers, etc. Available as one-to-one and group coaching.

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    Give the gift of Good Enough to your team

    As part of the launch of Good Enough, I'm offering to deliver a free lunch & learn session for your team. I can take you through the Good Enough: Wheel of Development. Or we can have a discussion about how you encourage your team to bring their whole, authentic selves to work. What we perceive as our imperfections are part of what makes us unique, and are often what others love most about us. They can become our greatest strength.

  • Good Enough Humans

    A manifesto for change


    Change your mind

    I'll be a generous listener, encouraging you to share honestly and reflecting back what I'm hearing in a way that allows you to see things differently. This is a space in your busy life to hear yourself think and consider fresh possibilities. Just having someone to talk to who doesn't immediately try to fix your problems can be a huge relief.


    Change your life

    Of course, you can rely on me to be in your corner. I'll believe in your potential and innate self-worth every step of the way. However, don't expect me to dole out non-specific encouragement like "You can do it!" It's not helpful. Instead, we'll look at how you self-sabotage and focus on overcoming it. In many ways, this is about helping you become your own best friend - your own cheerleader.


    Change your world

    Coaching is valuable because humans find it really difficult to change on their own. We become masters at rationalising our actions, ignoring our emotions, and finding what confirms our beliefs. Within the context of our trusting relationship, I'll feedback on things that will challenge how you habitually think and act. This can be really useful in helping you see blind spots and learn more about unhelpful behaviours. It's often the first step to meaningful change.

  • Interested? Let's talk

    Instagram. TikTok. Snail mail. Carrier pigeon. As humans, we're certainly not short of ways to connect. But let's not overcomplicate things here. To arrange a free, no-pressure 45 minute discovery call, email is easiest way to reach me. Although, if a pigeon lands on my windowsill, you'll certainly have my utmost respect.


    Email: andrew@andrewsewell.com

    Phone: 0208 695 5197