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    Take Yourself Less Seriously and Win More Business


  • What is Pitch Imperfect?

    A transformative approach to public speaking

    Are you anxious about public speaking? Do you white-knuckle your way through presentations at work? Are you reluctant to speak up in meetings? If you’re a leader, do you feel that your voice doesn’t always cut through the noise?


    If so, this is for you.


    Pitch Imperfect is totally different kind of presentation skills training. In fact, it's not really a skills training at all. It goes way beyond tips and techniques to provide much deeper insight into how our minds really work. These insights will help you:

    • overcome self-consciousness
    • discover your authentic voice and speak powerfully from the heart 
    • take yourself less seriously, while having more influence and impact
    Imagine what it would be like if you could speak with clarity and confidence in all your meetings and presentations. This is not a pipe dream; it can become the norm for you.

  • Pitch Imperfect can help you...

    Be at your best in presentations and pitches

    Find your authentic voice as a leader

    Prepare for interviews

    Speak up in meetings

    Prepare for an important speech

    Facilitate difficult conversations

  • Success Stories

    A selection of happy clients

    Kenny Fox

    Research Director

    at davies+mckerr

    I started working with Andrew when the self-critical voice in my head suddenly found a megaphone as soon as lockdown struck. I felt like I was melting into the Zoom background, trying desperately to be part of meetings and connect but struggling to get over all the noise in my head.


    Andrew made me realise that these thoughts were just that, thoughts, and gave me the tools to understand them and most importantly, not be controlled by them. I'm without doubt more confident in my job and life, which I put down to working with Andrew.

    Ruth Nash

    Global Project Manager

    at GE Healthcare

    Andrew's coaching genuinely inspired me to think differently.


    His questions sparked some creative solutions that I would not have arrived at on my own.


    The space he gave me to think through challenging presentation scenarios was a catalyst for some quality tangible actions that helped me move forward.

    Russ Hodgson

    Creative Director

    at Point 6 Design

    Our team of designers and writers got a lot out of Andrew's workshop and coaching. They came away with increased confidence, some great insights, and bespoke feedback on their presentation skills.


    Andrew really strives to make everything he does both entertaining and useful. The fact that he has an ad agency background makes him ideal for this kind of work, plus his past experience as a stand up comedian was an unexpected bonus – he definitely knows how to read an audience!

  • My Story

    Not bad for an anxious, overthinking introvert

    Hello, I'm Andrew - creator of Pitch Imperfect.
    For years, I found any kind of presentation to be a full-on ordeal. In fact, at university and in my early days as an advertising copywriter, I did my best to avoid them altogether. 
    It wasn't until I learned more about how minds work - through a combination of psychology, ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience - that I started to feel more at home talking to groups. 
    I went on to lead creative pitches for advertising accounts worth millions. And even spent a year as a stand up comedian, reaching the national semi-final of Channel 4's 'So You Think You're Funny' competition. 
    Now I love passing on what I've learned. Don't worry, I'm not trying to make everyone in the world a stand up comedian. I simply want to help you feel comfortable in your own skin - whether you're talking to a small group of colleagues or a large group of strangers. 
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  • Services

    How you can work with me

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    One-to-One Coaching

    Six sessions over six to twelve weeks.

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    One off 'last minute' coaching

    If you've got a big presentation, pitch or meeting coming up, I can help you untangle your thoughts. You'll leave feeling calm, clear and confident.

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    Workshop plus one-to-one coaching for participants

    I offer a range of team workshops, plus follow up one-to-one coaching calls with each participant. The last agency I worked for chose this over the D&AD's pitch training. (I'm sure that's good, too!)

  • You've piqued my interest? What's next?


    If you want to know more about Pitch Imperfect or have any questions about coaching or workshops, please get in touch.


    The best email for me is: andrew@andrewsewell.com