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Leadership Coaching: Client Case Study

A recent example of my coaching in practice

From Team Manager to Senior Leader

In his early 40s, T led a team of engineers in a well-known, global organisation. After it was announced that his manufacturing site was to be decommissioned, T was left with a choice. Should he leave for another engineering role or to set up as a consultant? Or should he stay and make the most of the opportunity to help decommission the site?

Coaching helped T make this difficult decision - and go on to present a clear case as to why he should be promoted to the senior leadership team should he stay. After his manager agreed to the promotion, the focus of our coaching switched to helping T make a successful transition from hands-on team manager to senior strategic leader.

T's view: "In a year of massive change for me personally and the business as a whole, coaching with Andrew helped keep me sane. He supported me, challenged my mindset, and helped me develop clear insight into what I should and could be doing."