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Bringing an agency's brand

promise to life

Case study: Point 6

I've seen many agencies go to the trouble of creating a brand promise only for it to be massively underutilised. Yes, there's a bit of fanfare when it's launched. But six months later all that remains is an overlooked paragraph or two on the website and an ignored digital screen in reception. The only time anyone ever says the agency's promise aloud is when it's regurgitated at pitches.

Fortunately, Point 6 understood that creating their brand promise - Perceptive Partners - had the potential to be much more than a tick box exercise. They grasped the power of a clear brand promise to help integrate and galvanise teams with different clients and priorities. And they saw the benefit of giving everyone in the agency the chance to own their purpose and translate it into consistent daily behaviours.

"Andrew did a great job of understanding our positioning and creating bespoke exercises to make it tangible for the team.” Antoine Gandy, Managing Director, Point 6

Working closely with Point 6's directors, I created a workshop to help everyone in the agency explore Perceptive Partners and bring it to life. Using techniques from coaching and improv comedy, the workshop involved exploring, modelling and practising key Perceptive Partner skills - active listening, expert empathy, generous co-creation. The groups also had the chance to use these skills to develop new and better ways for the agency as a whole to be exemplary Perceptive Partners.

“Everybody was really engaged from beginning to end, even though they were pushed out of their comfort zones, which speaks volumes for Andrew's ability to captivate an audience.” Antoine Gandy, Managing Director, Point 6

It was a pleasure to work with Point 6. This kind of project gives me the chance to bring together skills and experience from many areas of my professional life. This all adds up to more relevant, useful and lasting impact for my clients.

“Andrew’s unique approach takes cues and uses techniques from coaching and improv comedy, including listening, empathy, co-creation and interactive game playing. The result? We had a hugely enjoyable and productive session as a team.” Russ Hodgson, Creative Director, Point 6