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What is coaching and how will you benefit?

If you have something you want to do, create or change, a coach can help you get there. You’re more likely to do it with the help of a good coach than you are on your own.

👉 A good coach is a listener, a great listener - probably one of the few people in your life you can be totally honest with. In a disconnected world, this is more important than ever.

👉 A good coach is a questioner - they’ll ask you powerful questions that will help you see things in fresh ways

👉 A good coach is an accountability partner - they’ll hold you to your goals and commitments, making you more likely to achieve them 

👉 A good coach is a normaliser - they’ll reassure you that whatever wild thoughts you’re thinking, you're probably not the first person to have thought them

👉 A good coach is an optimistic realist: they’ll encourage you to do things you might not think are possible but won’t collude with delusions

👉 A good coach knows how to go deeper safely: they’ll help you work with your inner critic, overcome perfectionism, move beyond procrastination, and find the courage to take action in the face of your fears

👉 A good coach is a dream catcher - they'll take your heart's desires seriously

👉 A good coach is an empathetic provocateur: not my phrase and perhaps a bit pretentious, but it hits the nail on the head 

Finally, a good coach is fine with admitting they haven’t got a clue what to say next… 😄

And so ends this self promotion. Thanks for listening! 😄