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 Stop Hitting 'Try Again Tomorrow'

When it comes to personal and professional development,there are three kinds of people.  

Some are all in from the get-go. They understand the benefits of stretching themselves and learn at every opportunity.  

Others are the total opposite. They can’t see the point of developing themselves, and are often cynical about the whole thing. (When you’re in my line of work, you soon realise cynicism masks fear.) 

The third group – probably the majority – can see how they get in their own way and understand that working on this kind of thing could be useful. But somehow they never get around to doing anything about it.  

They treat it like a software update notification on their computer and hit ‘Try again tomorrow’. 


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Obviously as a coach, I have a vested interest in people wanting to develop personally and professionally.  

But this isn’t a sales pitch.  

It’s a call to action. 

To meet the challenges of the 2020s and beyond, we haven’t got time to keep hitting ‘Try again tomorrow’. 

We need as many humans as possible operating at somewhere near their full potential. Pronto. 

Technology. Engineering. Healthcare. Retail. Education. Whatever sector you’re in, the more work you’ve done on yourself, the better you can contribute, influence and lead. 

And that’s what we need most right now: resilient, emotionally intelligent leaders.  

Obviously, I’m writing this because it’s something I need to hear myself as much as you might do. 

If it’s grabbed your attention, think about these two questions:  

How do you want to be remembered?  

What do you need to maximise every ounce of your potential?