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If your head and heart aren’t in your work, it’s only a matter of time before the wheels come off. 

In this video, I talk a bit more about about the inner conflict I experienced when I knew it was time to leave my last full-time role, but hadn’t summoned up the courage to do it yet. 

I felt like I was at war with myself. One part of me was saying it’s time to leave. And other parts were chiming in with lots of reasons why this would not be a good idea.

It wasn’t until I got some distance from this process and became more aware of what was going on in my mind that I started to make progress.

As always, the first step to getting unstuck is to be honest with yourself. From there, it’s possible to negotiate an inner peace treaty and move forward with more of a sense of calm, clarity, courage and confidence.

In my free webinar on Friday, 17th, at 4-5pm, I’ll tell you more about how to do this. If you’re caught in two minds about what to do next in your career, why not come along?

Send me a DM to sign up. Cheers, Andrew

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