• My Story

    The long and short of it

    One of the exercises I often give my coaching clients involves thinking of your life as a book. What would your chapters be? What are the major turning points? What's your theme? Any obvious patterns?


    I did this exercise myself but it ended up being long. Like 3000 words long. So perhaps a bit much for an About section. Still, if you're up for a rollicking 10-minute read that's full of twists and turns, trials and tribulations, here's the link: riveting but long version


    If you're not, here's the short version in the form of the chapter headings. Put simply, I've made a few transitions.


    From Hartlepool to Hollywood


    From Hollywood to (Holly) Wood Green in London


    How to get ahead in advertising


    My year in stand up comedy


    Is now the right time to be a clinical psychologist?


    Happy years at Havas People


    Now or never…


    Becoming a coach


    The Lockdown


    Everyone remembers a good lecturer: How The Whole Story was born


    Piqued your interest? Here's that link to the riveting but long version again just in case.

  • The original sketch for The Whole Story

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