• What do you want your post-lockdown world of work to look like?


    What's the best way to live with less stress and more meaning?


    Are you interested in exploring how your personal story could integrate with a new global story of regeneration?


    These are just some of the questions we'll explore on The Whole Story - a unique online group programme.


    Join us and I will teach you about the power of stories, and how you can change yours.

  • What is The Whole Story?

    Don't worry, it's not a cult!

    The Whole Story is an online group programme. A programme designed to help you find the contribution to the world only you could make. Deep down I think we all have the desire and potential to do this. But we're also pretty good at getting in our own way.


    Through a series of 8 lessons and conversations, I'll show you different ways to find your story, understand your mind, and live more in flow with what really matters in your life.


    The course is packed with the most useful insights I've learned from over 25 years studying psychology, neuroscience and storytelling. To make it fun I've framed it as a game, an adventure story. I was inspired to create it by a life-changing psychology class I took at uni, and also by Creativity in Business a course Stanford University used to run as part of its MBA programme.


    This is me making a useful and memorable contribution to your life.

  • Why

    What's in it for you?

    The chance to make fresh sense of your personal story and to let go of stories that are holding you back

    More peace of mind and psychological flexibility

    Techniques to manage difficult thoughts and emotions

    The opportunity to discover the contribution only you could make

  • A word from your guide

    Here's my 2 minute sales pitch. Apologies for the lockdown hair.

  • How It Works

    This course is designed to help you on 3 levels


    Your personal story

    Whether you realise it or not, we all have stories we tell that make sense of who we are - for ourselves and for other people. But thinking about those stories can help us take control of our lives in interesting and powerful ways.


    Beyond your stories

    Driven by anxieties and fear, many of the stories we tell ourselves can hold us back. I'll show you ways to change your relationship to difficult thoughts and emotions, giving you more freedom to create a meaningful life.


    A new global story

    One You. One Planet. The Whole Story concludes with a discussion of how we see ourselves in relationship to the natural world. Could we develop a new global story of integration and regeneration?

  • Programme Overview

    Two ways of looking at it 

    Here's my original idea for the course and the professional-looking overview. Like I said, I designed it as an adventure story, a road trip. Think of it as a hero's journey through your mind!

  • Success Stories

    What clients say about me

    Antoine Gandy

    Managing Director at

    Point 6 Design

    "Andrew helped us turn our brand story into actionable behaviours. His unique approach takes cues and uses techniques from coaching and improv comedy, including listening, empathy, co-creation and interactive game playing. The result? We had a hugely enjoyable and productive session as a team.”

    Ruth Nash

    Global Project Manager, HR

    at GE Healthcare

    "Andrew's coaching genuinely inspired me to think differently. His questions sparked creative solutions I would not have arrived at on my own. His ability to give me space to think through challenging scenarios was a catalyst for some quality tangible actions to help me move forward."

  • Cost

    Right now, mates' rates

    Premium product at pilot prices


    Over the next few months, I'm going to be running 3 pilot programmes at a much reduced rate. To ensure a high-quality experience for everyone, each group will be limited to 5 or 6 people maximum.


    Each programme will consist of 8, 1-hour sessions over 4 weeks. There'll be two sessions each week on Monday and Thursday evenings, usually 6:30-7:30pm. You'll also have the benefit of experimenting with techniques and perspectives between sessions that could change how you see the world.


    The first Whole Story pilot programme, Bus 1, left on 18 May. It's already FULL.


    The second pilot programme, Bus 2, leaves Monday 22 June. Limited spaces available.


    If you're interested, now's the time to reserve your spot!


    The Whole Story full price: £750


    The Whole Story pilot price: £320





    Reminder of what you'll receive

    • 8 x 1-hour sessions over 4 weeks 
    • Understanding of the power of stories, and how to change yours
    • Techniques to manage difficult thoughts and emotions - stress, anxiety, fear, rumination, etc
    • More psychological flexibility and peace of mind
    • Ways to think about integrating your personal story into a new global story 
    • The opportunity to figure out the contribution to the world only you could make


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