• Welcome to Introverts Rising

    Professional development for introverts

  • What

    A celebration

    Introverts Rising is a celebration of the innate strengths that introverts bring to business. The ability to think deeply, listen powerfully and communicate authentically are some of the most important characteristics leaders need to thrive and inspire in a world of complexity and uncertainty. Our fast-paced, stressed-out culture needs what introverts offer more than ever.

    An invitation

    Introverts Rising is also an invitation. A call to action for introverts everywhere to build on their innate strengths and realise their full potential. Here, your natural curiosity, self-awareness and desire to do something meaningful will stand you in good stead. Make no mistake, you’ll be standing on the shoulders of giants. Some of the greatest leaders and innovators share your innate temperament – Einstein, Barack Obama, Oprah, Bill Gates, Eleanor Roosevelt, Gandhi, Beyonce – to name just a few.

  • Why

    Right now, only tiny percentage of the boardroom in the average business are introverts. This lack of neurodiversity is damaging your performance. Extrovert leaders hire people like them, so highly capable leaders with introvert characteristics often seem to be not a good cultural fit. There’s an unconscious bias that needs to be addressed.


    Meta message: Imagine with me a world in which 100 percent of people, introverts and extroverts, dare to be who they are. What if we all understood how we’re wired, intentionally used our strengths to serve the greater good, and thrived for a lifetime? (nicked from Holley’s book: pp. 16-17).