• Harness the power of story to change the way you think and feel about work

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    For professionals in marketing, media and comms

    The stories you tell yourself are incredibly powerful. They can propel you forward. And hold you back.


    In this time of transition, you have a unique opportunity to remake your story. You can break free from old, limiting narratives and craft new, inspiring ones. This is the moment to integrate our rational and emotional minds. This is the moment to discover our whole-hearted work.


    As a coach, psychologist and writer, I've created the Whole Story Method to help you. Whether you need to find more meaning and purpose, galvanise your team or just get through the next 3 months in one piece, you'll find clarity, hope and resilience here.


    By the way, I'm Andrew. Hello.

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  • Whole Story Coaching can help you...

    Build the psychological fitness you need to navigate uncertainty

    Say goodbye to soul-destroying work

    Successfully launch your business

    Reset and recreate after redundancy

    Enhance your team's performance, engagement and wellbeing

    Integrate your personal story with a new global story of renewal

  • How it works


    Your personal story

    Whether you realise it or not, we all have stories we tell that make sense of who we are - for ourselves and for other people. But thinking about those stories can help us take control of our lives in interesting and powerful ways.


    Beyond your stories

    Driven by anxieties and fear, many of the stories we tell ourselves can hold us back. I'll show you ways to change your relationship to difficult thoughts and emotions, giving you more freedom to create a meaningful life.


    Your next chapter

    Creating your next chapter involves designing possible futures, experimenting, and pivoting. In a time when change is the only constant, it's the best way to thrive.

  • How we can work together

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  • What it looks like

    To make my online programmes more fun and engaging, I design them as journeys, road trips through your mind. Here's the hand-drawn overview for my next 4-week online programme: Reset and Recreate After Redundancy. See more details and sign up here.

  • FREE 'Create Your Next Chapter' Toolkit

    If your life's been full on for the last few months, please take a second to pause. The first step to any successful change is self-reflection. I've designed this toolkit to help you start thinking more deeply about what your next chapter could be. Often the clues to our future are in our past. Grab a cuppa and download it at your leisure.


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  • Success Stories

    What clients say

    Seb Weston

    Strategy Director


    "I'd recommend the course to anyone who feels like they're at a bit of a crossroads or is questioning whether they're on the right path. I don't yet have 'the answer' in terms of where I'm ultimately heading, but having done the course, I feel much better equipped to find it!"

    Ruth Nash

    Global Project Manager, HR

    at GE Healthcare

    "Andrew's coaching genuinely inspired me to think differently. His questions sparked creative solutions I would not have arrived at on my own. His ability to give me space to think through challenging scenarios was a catalyst for some quality tangible actions to help me move forward."

    Antoine Gandy

    Managing Director at

    Point 6 Design

    "Andrew helped us turn our brand story into actionable behaviours. His unique approach takes cues and uses techniques from coaching and improv comedy, including listening, empathy, co-creation and interactive game playing. The result? We had a hugely enjoyable and productive session as a team."

  • Let's talk

    Instagram. TikTok. Snail mail. Carrier pigeon. As humans, we're certainly not short of ways to connect. But let's not overcomplicate things here. To arrange a free, no-pressure chat about coaching or a well-being workshop, email is easiest way to reach me. Although, if a pigeon lands on my windowsill with an offer of work, you'll certainly have my utmost respect.


    Email: andrew@andrewsewell.com

    Phone: 0208 695 5197


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