The Answer to Life's Mysteries

It doesn’t take a global pandemic to give me a crisis of meaning. I’ve been asking the big questions since 1991. Now I’m 50, and frankly still none the wiser.

The difference is I’m fine with that.

If your head’s in the shed right now – and whose isn’t – you might want to press pause, take stock and reflect on your future.

Is it time for you to figure out how to do something truly worthwhile?

You can start this process by reflecting on what you've already done. What do you have to build on? What's your unique mix of talents and experiences?

Then ask yourself, ‘Who could I best serve?’ or ‘What place could I occupy in the world that would allow me to contribute in the best possible way?’

Finally, it’s about doing the inner work. The bigger your emotional bandwidth, and the more you’re able to draw on your natural creative intelligence as well as your rational mind, the more you’re able to show up with presence, integrity, skill, and wisdom.

And that’s what we all need more of right now.


Props and Pointers:

I first heard about Jordan Hall's 'How to respond to these complex times?' questions on the Coach's Journey podcast with Robbie Swale and Joel Monk. These questions form the heart of this post. Robbie and Joel's entire conversation is great, especially for new coaches.

The post itself is part of a series about what I’ve learned in the five years since leaving my last full-time job as an advertising creative. See the full set at

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