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A deeper look at The Whole Story

Who's it for?

The Whole Story is an online group programme for people who are in, or on the edge of, a life transition. You may have been made redundant or feel insecure about your work. You might have got to the stage in your life where you’re successful, but now think ‘Is this it?’ Or, you could already have some idea what you'd like to try next, but are procrastinating or experiencing imposter syndrome. In general, you'll be aware that you’re getting in your own way on some level. You’ll also be open-minded and curious enough to explore different ways of seeing yourself and the world.

What's in it for you?

The Whole Story is an immersive experience that opens up a range of new perspectives. It's up to you to see what resonates and apply the ideas and techniques that are most useful for you.

Put simply, you can expect:

  • The space to reflect on your story so far and think about the next chapter
  • Techniques for changing your relationship to difficult thoughts and emotions
  • The opportunity to see you’re much more than your self-limiting stories
  • The chance to see how your personal story could align with a new global story of integration and regeneration

How does the course work?

The course works on three levels.

First, we focus on your life story, using narrative coaching techniques to help you make sense of your experiences so far. You'll have the chance to think of your life as a book with different chapters. You'll spot patterns, acknowledge challenges you've overcome, identify your strengths and see where you’re at your best. Giving yourself time to reflect in this way can help you think about what your next chapter might be.

Next, I'll give you tools to help you experiment with new ideas and move towards things that matter in your life. Doing this usually involves being willing to experience difficult thoughts and emotions. I present a simple technique to help you do more of what you've decided is important, even in the presence of feelings like fear and anxiety. 

At the next level, we go deeper, looking at the stories we tell ourselves that often hold us back. We get curious about this chattering voice inside our heads. What is it? Where does it come from? Why does it never shut up? We notice that while we can't control our thoughts, it is possible to observe them and not take them too seriously. The mind chatter doesn't go away, but it's quieter. Like a radio that's been turned down a few notches. Experiencing this can make us feel less constricted and constrained. Life feels freer and more spacious. There's more room to make new choices.

There’s a final perspective, which I think is really important right now, and could make a real difference to the sense of meaning you feel in your life. As humans we’re hardwired to know in our bones that we’re interconnected with nature and everything around us. It’s just that we've been culturally conditioned, especially in the West, not to look in this direction. We take it for granted that we’re separate individuals. That I'm in here and the world is out there. Obviously, this is a useful concept and it certainly helps us live our lives from a practical standpoint, but as Buddhists have been saying for centuries and neuroscience is now showing, it's an illusion. This separate sense of self is not all there is to being you. Here, I'll show you ways to experiment with seeing yourself from a much larger perspective - and what this can mean for your life.

In the final session, we return to the idea of story and look at what a new global story of integration and regeneration could be. In the world, we’re already seeing some of those narratives come through. How could your personal story align with a bigger story that could benefit us all?

To make The Whole Story as fun and engaging as possible, I’ve framed it as a journey, a road trip through your mind. Ultimately the game is to explore 2 questions: 'Who do we think we are?' and 'Who are we really?' Like all the best questions, there are no final answers. Ultimately, what we’re all doing running around on this tiny planet floating through empty space is a mystery to us. But the more we consider these questions and come up with our own answers, the more we’ll feel like our time on Earth was well spent.

So yes, I'm trying to pack a lot into a month! Obviously, there isn’t time to cover every aspect of what I’m talking about in The Whole Story in depth. I see the 4-week programme as a way to experience different perspectives, all of which can be useful in helping you gain clarity and start moving towards creating a more fulfilling life. Each week, I'll point you towards books, articles and videos to deepen your understanding. It’s up to you what you take away. Like anything, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

Where and when

The course runs for 4 weeks and we meet twice a week online. This involves a group Zoom call on Monday and Thursday evenings, 6:30pm - 7:30pm.

Sign up

The next Whole Story programme begins on Monday 29 June. Find out more and sign up at

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